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Top Business Intelligence Softwares

Modern requirements and solutions call for an upgraded tech solution for any business in all platforms. Business Intelligence(BI) software was once a tool only for the MNC’s, but now it is a must for most business platforms. But the other task at hand is to pick the best software out of the massive list of options available in the market, keeping in mind the line and nature of your business. So let's bring to notice some of the top Business Intelligence software in the market.

1. Good Data

A business which forms a requirement wherein partners and clients access a company’s analytics, then GoodData is your ideal match. This software is widely used by companies and various industries dealing with a list of activities. Data exploration, collective learning, etc., are some of its basic features.

2. Manta Flow

Vodafone and Comcast are names which you have come across. Well, the most common factor between these companies is that they all rely on Manta Flow for their business solutions. Profitability and visual analytics, performance metrics are the top features of this BI software.

3. Domo

Domo is a top software containing some of the basic features which are also available on other BI software. But the thing which makes this software stand out is that it emphasizes context, collaborations, and thereby providing insights.

4. Adjust

Adjust is a user-friendly and well-maintained software which provides all the readily available features for any business platform depending upon their nature of work. Performance metrics and indicators, trend, and problem indicators are some of the noteworthy features of this software.

5. Looker

This is another excellent software which tries to eliminate business silos between departments as it puts together and compiles numerous data. This software is ideal for both tech-savvy individuals and non-tech savvy individuals, making it an excellent choice for business following their nature and line of work.

6. Corporate Business Management Platform

A widely flexible software which satisfies basic business needs through visual analytics and spreadsheet reporting. Strategic planning, ad-hoc reporting, benchmark, dashboard are some of the readily available features of this software.

7. Tableau

Tableau is an all-inclusive software which includes the usual visual analytics and performance analytics. With space to handle a vast range of data and the option to customize your dashboard, Tableau is well suited for most business solutions.

8. Cluvio

Cluvio is a modern analytics software that supports the insertion of data with the option to add analytical features. But in comparison, Cluvio lacks some of the features such as problem indicators, strategic planning, and scorecards. On the other hand, it is not a bad software as it makes up for what it lacks through adding a few other features.
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